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Activating a new user account

A user account is created for each new email address that is added by a Prokon staff member, account administrator, or license manager. Once added, an automated email is sent to the email address, inviting the user to activate their account. The email body includes your unique Prokon ID along with a link to Lima. Here are the steps to activate your account.

1. Click the Login link to open a new tab in the web browser

2. Enter your registered email address and click Submit

A new email will be sent to verify your email address.

3. Click the Confirm Email Address link to open a new tab in your web browser

4. Create a password, keeping in mind the validation requirements listed below. The password must be repeated to continue.

5. Click Change Password

If the password was created successfully, you can proceed to login.

6. Click Login

7. Enter your registered email address, and click Submit

8. Enter the correct password and click Login

You need to read and accept Prokon Software Limited’s End-user License Agreement to continue.

9. If accept the agreement, check the checkbox and click Submit.

You must also read and accept the Privacy Policy.

10. If you accept the agreement, check the checkbox and click Submit.

11. Enter your first name, last name, and primary country of access. Click Submit

12. Choose your communication preferences, and click Submit

Once signed in your dashboard will be shown.

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