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Adding Countries to Eurocode

Countries that have adopted the Eurocodes – still wanted and in some cases needed – to modify the standards slightly to suite their own geography, weather, or common construction techniques. Eurocode standards set out numerous Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs), which are typically defined in a National Annex (NA). National annexes are generally provided by each country’s national standards body. In Prokon, it is possible to add a country’s national annex to the Eurocode and set it as the active annex.

1. Open Prokon Calcpad, click File
2. Prokon options

3. Go to the Eurocode button

The Eurocode Annexes dialog box will open.

Note: Under the Home tab all the added countries can be seen, and the values may be changed and saved here.

4. Click on the Countries Tab

5. Click Add

6. Choose a country from the list provided to be added, click OK

Note: The default values will be used, when adding a new country. The values will need to be changed to the correct values.

7. The added country will display

Note: The status bar will indicate the active country.

8. Save changes before closing

Note: The British (UK) and Singapore (SS) Annexes are shipped with Prokon.