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Changing the bending schedule logo

Padds ships with three bending schedule templates; BS_Prokon1.PAD, BS_Prokon2.PAD, BS_Prokon3.PAD. With the default installation, these files reside in c:\prokon\user.

All three includes a PROKON logo in the title block. In most cases you would want to edit this to reflect your company’s details.

Default bending schedule logo

To edit a bending schedule template:

  1. In Padds, go to File > Open
  2. Navigate to the template file
  3. Select the template file and click Open
  4. From the Block menu, use the Box command to select the entities that you want to delete
  5. Press Delete to remove the entities from the drawing
  6. To add a new logo, go to File > Insert Raster Image
  7. Navigate to the image file
  8. Select the template file and click Open
  9. Pick the first and then the second corner of the image
  10. The image should now display on the drawing
  11. Continue to add more details are desired
  12. Save the template file

Note: Supported image formats are BMP, JPG, GIF, EMF, & WMF