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Customising the Section Database

How do I add new sections to the Section Database?

You can customise the PROKON Section Database by adding or removing sections.
Before you start, check that you have the correct country selected (you may be missing
some sections simply because you are using the wrong database).

To add new sections the section database:

  • Launch the Section Database program from the General tab in PROKON Calcpad.
  • On the Country menu, check that an appropriate country is selected.
  • If your custom sections fit the description of a standard categories, e.g. a plate girder with an I shape, select the relevant category, go to a blank line and enter the section dimensions. You do not need to enter the section properties; the program will calculate them automatically. If you wish to prevent modules like Steel Member Design for Combined Stress to use a custom section, you can enable its nonpreferred setting.
  • If the section has custom shape, e.g. asymmetrical plate girder, enter the section name and properties in the Custom section category. To simplify this procedure, consider using Prosec for the calculations.
  • When you have completed entering the custom sections, save the new database as the default on the File menu.