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Frame running in 2D

This article relates to the warning received in Frame when trying to open a 3D model. The warning message reads as follows: “Warning: You are switching from full 3D to 2D. Structure might appear flattened in XY plane. No data will be lost.” The issue typically rears its ugly head when upgrading from an older version of PROKON to the most recent version.

The reason for this is that, Windows keeps a list of file associations e.g., an .A03 file is opened with Frame.exe in the bin64 folder. With PROKON 5.0 this has changed, since all modules have been converted to 64-bit, all modules are now located in and run from the bin folder i.e., Windows needs to form a new association. In addition to the upgrade in processing power, Frame no longer requires any add-ons, it is a fully fledged module (all inclusive).

To resolve the issue, follow the steps listed:

  • Delete the bin64 folder located in C:\\Prokon\… , as it is no longer needed
  • Run a Live Update, to ensure that the latest version of Frame is installed in the bin folder

If the issue persists after trying the above mentioned, uninstall and reinstall PROKON.