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How to start a new license session offline

License sessions can be created for workstations without internet access by creating a session on a different machine with internet access.

Note: It is recommended that you start a new license session from License Manager under normal circumstances.

1. Start License Manager on the machine without internet where the session is required

2. Go to the Account tab

3. Click Advanced

4. Click Create request file

5. Enter the name for the session request file

6. Click Save

7. Click OK

8. On a different machine with an internet connection, sign into Lima and click New License Session

9. Scroll down and click Choose File

10. Copy the request file to the machine with an internet connection. Select the request file and click Open

11. Click Submit

12. Select the desired license sets

13. Click Submit

14. Click Download

15. Copy the downloaded session file to the machine with no internet. Click Import session file

16. Navigate to the Download folder and click Open

The green squares at the bottom of the License Manager form indicates that you are signed in and in session.


  • The session request file must be used within 2 days of its creation from License Manager.
  • The created session will only be valid for a maximum of 30 days, subject to the license expiry date. You will need to repeat this process for a new session.
  • The license set seats are reserved in the same way as starting a session directly from License Manager and will therefore not be available for other users.
  • A session created here can only be released by connecting the machine to the internet.