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Long term deflections do not adjust for entered reinforcement

The Continuous Beam/Slab Design modules can calculate long-term deflections based
on specified reinforcement. Once you have generated/entered reinforcement on the Main
Reinforcing tab and return to the Deflection tab, the long term deflections adjust
automatically. If the long-term deflections remain on “required reinforcement”, then one of
the following is preventing calculation based on “entered reinforcement”:

  • On the Detailing Parameters tab, the beam type must be set to 1 (normal beam) or 2 (slab). The program does not use the the entered reinforcement to calculate deflections for types 3 (column strip), 4 (middle strip) or 5 (rib) because it would be incorrect to consider such elements in isolation when evaluating deflection.
  • In areas where the concrete cracks, the program calculates the cracked stiffness. If no tension reinforcement in present in a cracked zone, then the program cannot perform this calculation and reverts to using the required reinforcement. A common example of such a condition is an end support where the entered reinforcement does not extend over the center of the support. The ensure that the program generates main reinforcement that extends over the end support, enter a support width – in the Supports input table, enter a D dimension