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Sumo: Strip Chart

PROKON’s Structural Analysis module Sumo houses a feature, called Strip Chart, which allows the user to view a detailed graphical representation of the results of any shell element.

For the results to be graphically displayed, the user is required to define an Integration strip across the surface of any modelled shell element. The strip centre line, also known as the Frame line, must be drawn in a single plane and needs to be collinear. The strip width can be uniform or tapered.

The feature makes use of the elastic method rather than the equivalent frame method. That is, the moments and shear forces due to working loads on the structure, is calculated over the entire specified strip width and summed together respectively. Figure 1 shows how Strip Chart displays the total summed moment across the integration strip.

Figure 1: Strip Chart display example.

Moreover, the chart offers insight into the peak bending moments, with the location of the highs and lows visible and known, the user can make an informed decision in terms of the detail design much more efficiently. Whereas choosing to not take full advantage of the application, will require the user to manually sort through node numbers, selecting the applicable ones and their corresponding bending moments and summing them together.


  • With multiple load cases and combinations, enable the envelope option, located in the chart settings.
  • To view the coordinates, the user can choose to export the results to Excel.