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Sumo’s Exchange file

Sumo’s Exchange feature allows for an easy and intuitive workflow. It is designed to streamline data sharing between separate Sumo models.

When creating a new Sumo Exchange file, the user is prompted to save their current Sumo model, thereafter, a Sumo data file is created. The data file (.Suex) contains the specific details pertaining to the saved Sumo model.

The Sumo Exchange file can now be shared with another user, working on the same project, on a different computer. They can synchronise their Sumo model to the Exchange file. Upon synchronising, the user will be notified regarding changes found between the Sumo Exchange file and their current Sumo model. The user can accept or ignore, some or all changes. The Sumo model and the Exchange file will automatically update according to the changes accepted. Furthermore, the Exchange file can be shared again as it contains the latest Sumo data.

The Exchange file is not only a time saver, but a great automation tool.