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Viewing envelope results in Sumo

PROKON’s Structural Analysis module Sumo allow the user to view the results of structural entities graphically, such as the bending moments, shear forces, etc. To view the graphical representation (envelopes) the following steps can be adopted in Sumo:

  1. Firstly, go to the envelope tab in the analysis settings1,2, ensure the “Generate envelope output” checkbox is selected3 as well as the load cases and load combination you wish to view:
  1. Next, run an analysis of the model by selecting “Solve” in the analysis ribbon. In the results section1, ensure that the “show input model” is enabled2, the volumetric view of the model is on3 and then lastly select the structural entity that you would like to view the analysis results of: 
  1. Then toggle to the charts tab, go to the Chart Settings1 enable the Envelope option, next select the type of result from the drop-down list2 and lastly select which load case or load combination you wish to view graphically: