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When PROKON programs do not display

The program icon displays in the Windows task bar, but the program itself is not visible. This behaviour occurs when there has been a significant change in the Windows display settings with regards the screen configuration. The most common cause is a multi-monitor system where the secondary monitor is no longer present or was moved relative to the primary monitor.

To resolve the display problem:

Use keyboard shortcut

Press ALT+TAB to select the missing window. The keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly toggle between open apps and windows. If you hold ALT and tap on the TAB button, all your open materials will appear in a list. Press ALT+TAB until the PROKON module is selected (The PROKON module will still not be visible). Press ALT+SPACE to bring up the display context menu, Maximise the program. The program should now fill your whole screen.

Use Task Manager

Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and select Task Manager. You can also press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open Task Manager directly. Now, search under the Processes tab and select the missing window. Once located, right-click and select Expand and then select Maximize. The program should now fill your whole screen.

Basic Restore

Hover your mouse curser over the icon in your taskbar, right-click on the minimized window that pops-up and select restore. The program should now be visible.

If these steps do not solve the problem for you, then please reach out to our technical support team for remote assistance.