PROKON’s License System
License Manager

Lima optimises how you manage your PROKON software. You can log in to Lima to manage users and roles. Lima Provides a streamlined approach to license security and flexibility.



PROKON Lima: A web-based platform where PROKON assets are managed. These assets include account administration, license management, set assignment, and software downloads.

PROKON License Manager: A component of PROKON, where end users can select and apply license sets on their computers.


Is there a help file within License Manager?

Yes, click the Help button in License Manager to launch the help file.

Do I still login via the Prokon Calcpad?

After you run a Live Update, you can log in to License Manager. Launch License Manager from PROKON Calcpad.

How does an Account Administrator add users to an account in Lima?

Log in to Lima https://web.prokon.com/.

Will Lima indicate a list of all registered and logged in users?

A list of logged-in users can be seen in Lima (https://web.prokon.com/)

Will current users of licenses need to register again, or will license data be transferred automatically to Lima?

Account Administrators will be added by PROKON.

License Managers are assigned by Account Administrators.

Users will need to be registered as Set Users on Lima. The account administrator and license manager(s) will do this per company.

Users will have access to sets assigned to them.

Are there certain actions that only PROKON staff will be able to assist with for clients (changing of admin e-mail addresses in the previous license manager etc.)?

Only Account Administrators will be loaded by PROKON.

Will I be able to work with any available license set?

License Managers assign Set Users to specific license sets. If you’ve been assigned to a license set(s), you choose which set(s) to work with.

How can I troubleshoot my License Manager connection?

You can use the connection troubleshooter inside License Manager to diagnose connection issues.

What is the difference between license user, manager, admin, etc.?

See relevant information in the License System User Guide & the License Manager help file.

Who can add or remove users to, and from a license?

Users are managed by the License Manager.

How do I select a license set with Lima?

In License Manager > Licenses tab, select the License Set you want to work with, click apply.

Can a user reset his/her own password? How do they do it?

You can reset your password by going to Lima (https://web.prokon.com/), click on Forgot Password and follow the prompts.

Is there an option to log in automatically every time PROKON is opened, or must one log in manually?

Select option as per preference example: Keep me authenticated

Can I have more than one registered account and switch between accounts in License Manager (e.g., student account and commercial account)?

License sets can be consumed from multiple license numbers, if all the licenses are of type Commercial.