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LM: PROKON License Manager

Ver. 3.0.39 2017/09/27
  • Improved time to initial server connection at startup.
  • Improved server connection time-out management.
  • Improved logging for connection troubleshooting.
Ver. 3.0.38 2017/09/05
  • Corrected purchase license not being able to activate for certain modules if maintenance has expired. The affected modules include Sumo Structural Modeller, Padds, AutoPadds, ProDESK and ProNET.
  • Improved license status display when selecting a another account in account group.
Ver. 3.0.37 2017/08/18
  • Corrected license reservation check for number of registered users (error introduced in version 3.0.31).
Ver. 3.0.36 2017/06/29
  • Corrected invalid computer name error (error introduced in version 3.0.35).
Ver. 3.0.35 2017/06/29
  • Improved display of error messages while running in background.
Ver. 3.0.34 2017/06/01
  • Corrected license details for ProDESK and ProNET modules (License Details tab).
Ver. 3.0.33 2017/05/10
  • Added option to disable persistent sessions (Settings tab).
Ver. 3.0.32 2017/05/03
  • Corrected issues with account switching (Settings tab).
Ver. 3.0.31 2017/04/10
  • Corrected login screen displayed on rental expiry.
Ver. 3.0.30 2017/03/08
  • Corrected occasional loss of license information when working offline.
  • Reduced default logging verbosity.
Ver. 3.0.29 2017/02/21
  • Added support for user re-assignment (by Prokon staff) to another account.
Ver. 3.0.28 2016/01/19
  • Improved status reporting on offline mode expiry.
  • New verbose logging setting for troubleshooting.
  • Removed licensing for discontinued RobotLink module.
Ver. 3.0.27 2016/12/16
  • Added masking of passcode entry.
  • Corrected horizontal split mouse pointer when hovering over some grids.
  • Added termination of all sessions on resetting passcode (server-side).
Ver. 3.0.26 2016/11/25
  • Corrected Settings tab being disabled when no connection with license server. Disabled tab prevented access to proxy server settings.
Ver. 3.0.25 2016/11/02
  • Corrected license session usage in Registered Users table offset by one column (error introduced in version 3.0.23).
  • Corrected emergency activation not persisting over multiple sessions in some situations.
Ver. 3.0.24 2016/10/28
  • Corrected purchase license not being able to activate for certain modules if maintenance has expired. The affected modules include Sumo Structural Modeller, Padds, AutoPadds, ProDESK, ProNET and RobotLink.
  • Corrected mixed purchase and rental license reporting rental expiry in some situations when maintenance has expired.
  • Improved all tabular output to allow scrolling with keyboard and selection (for copy).
Ver. 3.0.23 2016/08/26
  • Added more details and multi-session logging to aid troubleshooting.
  • Corrected getting stuck in an error state after encountering an "all workstations in use" error condition. When in this error state, the License Details, Registered Users and History tabs were unable to refresh, and a program restart was required.
Ver. 3.0.22 2016/08/16
  • Corrected AutoPadds license not resuming automatically on start-up (error introduced in version 3.0.19).
Ver. 3.0.21 2016/08/10
  • Added ability to sort tabular information (registered users and histories) by clicking colomn headings.
  • Corrected History Refresh button that was disabled.
  • Corrected inability to reserve a RobotLink license.
Ver. 3.0.20 2016/07/15
  • Improved error checking for names and email addresses when adding users.
  • Added option to select all users on Manage Users form.
Ver. 3.0.19 2016/06/15
  • Added license support for new ProBAR extension for Revit.
  • Improved visual cues for upgrading license to License Manager.
  • Corrected disabled login buttons after self-registering as account administrator. PROKON restart was required.
  • Corrected PROKON Calcpad not updating the license status on completing the license upgrade to License Manager. PROKON restart was required.
Ver. 3.0.18 2016/06/03
  • Corrected license not activating for certain modules while working offline. The affected modules include Sumo Structural Modeller, Padds, AutoPadds, ProDESK, ProNET and RobotLink.
Ver. 3.0.17 2016/06/03
  • Corrected trial license not being able to activate for certain modules if rental had expired. The affected modules include Sumo Structural Modeller, Padds, AutoPadds, ProDESK, ProNET and RobotLink.
Ver. 3.0.16 2016/04/27
  • Corrected stand-alone Padds license not activating (error introduced in version 3.0.14).
  • Corrected occasional "invalid zip" exception when updating License Manager.
Ver. 3.0.15 2016/04/20
  • Corrected missing error message if "offline mode" activated period has expired (30 days).
  • Improved instructions when working in "offline mode".
  • Corrected loss of emergency activation on restarting License Manager.
  • Added graceful recovery from "emergency mode" when connection re-established.
  • Improved instructions when working in "emergency mode".
  • Corrected occasional license selection options that when not actually present in license.
Ver. 3.0.14 2016/04/12
  • Re-enabled exception reporting service (misconfiguration introduced in version 3.0.12).
  • Corrected possible incorrect inclusions with reserved licenses.
Ver. 3.0.13 2016/04/05
  • Improved proxy server discovery for WinInet (Internet Options).
  • Corrected "invalid URL" error when setting manual proxy configuration with a username and password.
Ver. 3.0.12 2016/03/29
  • Corrected occasional error when clicking "Back to upgrade options" button during license upgrade procedure (error introduced in version 3.0.11).
  • Corrected occasional "request error" when starting or ending a license session (error introduced in version 3.0.09).
Ver. 3.0.11 2016/03/15
  • Corrected problem local license for Sumo Structural Modeller not working. Use in conjuntion with Sumo version 3.0.11.
  • Corrected occasional access violation error by logger. New thread-safe application logger.
  • Corrected unexpected reverting to local license when license key file found.
  • Added automatic connection time-out setting after initial connection test; helps to set sufficiently long time-out for slower Internet connections.
Ver. 3.0.10 2016/02/29
  • Fixed file corruption in version 3.0.09 package.
  • Minor improvements with session reporting to server.
Ver. 3.0.09 2016/02/27
  • Improved proxy server discovery with support for WinHTTP. Options to set manual proxy server configuration or direct connection.
  • Easier access to passcode modification and log out functions on new Settings tab.
  • New account group functionality for organisations with multiple branches or departments.
Ver. 3.0.08 2016/02/10
  • Added auto-refreshing of license sessions that extend beyond 24 hours.
  • Corrected License Manager not auto-logging in when installed in a folder named something different than "Prokon".
  • Corrected display of license use on License Details when working in offline mode.
  • Corrected disabled History Refresh button if application has been working offline.
Ver. 3.0.07 2016/02/04
  • Corrected login form displaying after license error, e.g. all workstations in use.
  • Corrected application stalling after startup when used on a relatively slow computer.
  • Automatic refresh of information when switching views between License Details and Registered Users.
Ver. 3.0.06 2016/01/30
  • Added details of license usage on Registered Users tab.
  • Reserved licenses (if any) are now always included in new license sessions.
  • Corrected unresponsiveness for a user after the account administrator reset his login (server-side problem).
  • Corrected occasional error with viewing the current day's histories when program was started before the current day.
Ver. 3.0.05 2016/01/19
  • Improvements to local license upgrade procedure.
  • Improvements to account administrator registration procedure.
Ver. 3.0.04 2016/01/15
  • Allow multiple PROKON installations on the same computer.
  • Various improvements in the presentation.
  • Various improvements in license server.
Ver. 3.0.03 2016/01/05
  • Improved offline use.
  • Corrected "cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error when License Manager started and user not logged in.
  • Corrected button not visible for brand new account to register account administrator.
  • Corrected missing module E14: Pile Bearing Capacity Analysis on License Details tab.
  • Removed access to History tab while user not logged in.
Ver. 3.0.02 2015/12/18
  • Improved error checking for automatic proxy server configuration.
  • Improved reporting of expired license and all workstations in use error conditions.
Ver. 3.0.01 2015/12/09
  • Corrected "cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error when License Manager started.
Ver. 3.0.00 2015/12/01
  • First release.