An Introduction to Prokon Education for Students

At Prokon, we believe education is a top priority and are dedicated to supporting your academic journey. For many years, we have donated our structural engineering software to registered educational institutions worldwide and have earned the trust of more than 50 institutions since 1989. We are committed to continuing this legacy of support.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to develop and provide reliable, affordable, and user-friendly structural engineering software to engineers worldwide. We believe exceptional products and customer service are the foundation of our mission. To support future civil engineers, we are donating our software to educational institutions, empowering civil engineering students to excel in their learning and future careers.

Why do you need Prokon Structural Engineering Software?

Prokon offers numerous benefits for your academic and professional growth:
Enhanced Employability: Mastering Prokon enhances your attractiveness to employers, boosting your career prospects.
Industry Readiness: Our suite includes essential tools for civil engineers, ensuring you are well-prepared to face real-world challenges.
Iterative Modeling and Design: Visualize your designs, fostering creativity and innovation in your engineering projects.
Efficient Learning: Access to Structural Analysis, Design, and Detailing Software, Concrete and Steel Design Tools, and Geotechnical Design Software.

How do you access Prokon Software?

To access Prokon software, it is essential that your entire university supports its use. Here is what we require:

  1. University Name
  2. Your Personal University Email Address
  3. Contact Information for your University Lecturer (full name, email address, and contact number).

Once you have provided this information, we will contact your university lecturer to arrange the software donation to your institution.

If your university already uses Prokon Structural Engineering Software, please get in touch with your lecturer to gain access. Otherwise, submit your query in the form below, and we’ll assist you further.


Technical Support

For technical assistance, please contact us at

Taking the next step

We like to make it easy for engineers to get to know and love PROKON 5.2. Download our seven-day free trial and experience how easy it is to utilise all modules without restrictions or obligation to purchase. Purchase PROKON 5.2 online or contact one of our regional partners who can assist you with installation, training and technical support.