An Introduction to PROKON Structural Engineering Software

At Prokon, we prioritise education and are committed to supporting civil engineering students throughout their academic journey. For years, we’ve been dedicated to donating our software to registered educational institutions worldwide. Trusted by over 50 institutions since 1989, we continue this support legacy.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to develop and provide reliable, affordable, and intuitive structural engineering software to engineers globally. Exceptional products and customer service are at the core of our mission. To support future civil engineers, we donate our software to educational institutions, empowering students to excel in their learning and future careers. We aim to support the theory that the students are taught by providing software that will allow them to investigate the results based on their designs. Our donation comes at no cost to the university, ensuring accessibility for all.

Why does your university need PROKON?

Benefits for Educational Institutions:

  • Capital outlay is not required due to the 100% donation.
  • Low hardware requirements and easy-to-use interfaces facilitate quick learning cycles.
  • Simplified software distribution streamlines implementation.
  • Teaching market-ready students

Benefits for Educators:

  • Access globally recognized solutions in structural engineering.
  • Detailed calculations, verification, and references to specific standards streamline analysis and design processes.
  • Utilize PROKON for assignments, projects, assessments, and drafting assistance.
  • Access essential tools such as Structural Analysis, Design, and Detailing Software, Concrete & Steel Design Tools, and Geotechnical Design Software.
  • Free training to educators.

How can you get PROKON software solutions for your University?

  1. Complete the application form as a lecturer/educator interested in obtaining PROKON for your university.
  2. Submit the application form below.
  3. Upon submission, Prokon will send you a contract for review and signing.
  4. Receive a donation certificate upon agreement.
  5. Install the software at your university.
  6. Optional: To maximize the software’s potential, participate in additional training sessions, such as the ‘Getting Started’ training. Training certificates are provided upon completion.

How can you access PROKON?

To request access to PROKON at your university, please download, complete and email the application form to our education team at education@prokon.com. Our Education Coordinator will guide you through the donation process.

Application form pdf download


For educational queries or assistance with the donation process, contact us at education@prokon.com
For technical assistance, reach out to us at support@prokon.com

Taking the next step

We like to make it easy for engineers to get to know and love PROKON 5.2. Download our seven-day free trial and experience how easy it is to utilise all modules without restrictions or obligation to purchase. Purchase PROKON 5.2 online or contact one of our regional partners who can assist you with installation, training and technical support.