PROKON 5.2 Technical Hub

Introducing: Load Cases Display for Automated Pattern Loading in Continuous Beam!

Experience seamless visualisation of various load cases with unparalleled ease. Effortlessly input dead, live, and wind loads per span and watch as Continuous Beam calculates several pattern load cases for Ultimate Limit State (ULS).

Plot unfactored and factored loads, input end moments per span, and let Continuous Beam handle the rest!

Our Steel Solution now offers connection templates for Cleat, Fin Plate, and End Plate, revolutionising your design process!

Bid farewell to manual data entry and embrace increased productivity with our new catalogue feature. Ensure your designs comply with industry standards by effortlessly loading standard connections from a library.

Plus, you can add customised connections to the catalogue for tailored designs!

Now that PROKON 5.2 is live, the Padds interface has received a visual overhaul with new icons that display beautifully on high DPI monitors!

The drawing engine has been enhanced, resulting in faster drawing speeds, particularly noticeable on larger drawings, to improve your productivity.

For more info, visit our new website or connect with us on social media!

Rebar detailing just got smoother in Probar 2D!

We’ve enhanced the Add Bar and Edit Bar dialogues in Probar 2D for improved speed and compatibility across various environments.

Major work has been completed on the load combination generator, stiffness modification factors, and reporting tool within Sumo!

These improvements are guaranteed to make Sumo an even more important tool in your Structural Analysis arsenal

Steel Solution – Base Plate: Improved View on Weld Group Loads

Concrete Solution – Continuous Beam: Support Imperial Units

Taking the next step

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