Prokon 5.2 Masonry

Powerful masonry design solution, allowing for the design of reinforced and unreinforced elements, delivering code-compliant designs, and detailed calculations reports with code references.

Prokon 5.2 Masonry capabilities include:

  • Sections
  • Walls
  • Free-standing walls


The ultimate intuitive engineering software available on the market

  • Less ambiguity
  • Easy to understand
  • Reduction of manual work on the project
  • Familiar format of input for engineers
  • Example files are available to demonstrate the functionalities

Increases efficiency and accuracy

  • Reduction of human errors (Detailed calculations)
  • Greater control to the design engineer
  • Program layout follows the engineering workflow

Work anywhere

  • Ability to work in any country with an extensive range of design codes

Multi language

  • Allows the user to submit their reports in the preferred language for submission automatically

Key Features

  • User-defined masonry units
  • Supports solid and cavity walls
  • Elastic and cracked resistance calculated
  • Vertical and lateral loads on panels
  • Yield line analysis
  • Various edge restraints available
  • Detailed calculations

Taking the next step

We like to make it easy for engineers to get to know and love PROKON 5.2. Download our seven-day free trial and experience how easy it is to utilise all modules without restrictions or obligation to purchase. Purchase PROKON 5.2 online or contact one of our regional partners who can assist you with installation, training and technical support.