Access Anytime, Anywhere


We invite current and new PROKON users to try out our app streaming service. This exciting new service allows you to use PROKON in your web browser* on your Windows computer, Macintosh computer, or tablet. No installation is necessary, and currently, no license purchase is required. Use it on your office computer, at a construction site, or anywhere with an internet connection.

*Note: Compatible HTML 5 web browsers include Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

The service runs on fast computing instances at Amazon Web Services – the speed of analysis will equal or surpass your local workstation. Give our streaming service a try!


This service is still in an experimental stage. As such, we offer no guarantees:

Use the service and design calculation results at your own risk. Files uploaded to the service are not private and can be viewed by other users. Please remove any sensitive files after use. We reserve the right to delete data files from the service without notice. Please download any valuable information after use. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service without notice. Please have a local installation of PROKON available as a fall-back.

We are looking forward to receiving your questions, suggestions and feedback on this service at

This is a test phase of this service and will run for a limited time. On conclusion of this testing phase, we will re-evaluate the situation, and the feedback received.

Start using the PROKON Web Streaming service:

We currently have seven computing instances running 24/7 and available on a first-come-first-served basis.
Try any one of the instances below:

*If you find someone else is working on it, then please try the next one. If all instances are busy, then please try again later.